Adopt A Street Sponsors and Streets Sponsored


Insurance Service QC

41 Street – 23 Avenue to J. Deere Expressway


34 St. to 37 St. – 6 Ave. to 10 Ave.

Moline Firefighters

16 St. to 35 St. & 38 Ave.

Young Life

60 St. – 38 Ave. to Green Valley Park

Cecilia O’Brien

41 St. – 5 Ave to 12 Ave.

Moline Public Library

53 St. to East Moline – 23 Ave.

Heritage Landscaping Nursery 

41 St. & 49 Ave. area

Grace Bible Fellowship

15 St. & 35 Ave.

Waterpark Car Wash

38 St. to 41 St. – 38 Ave.
Sommers Family34 St. – River Drive to 12 Ave.
Mary T. Albracht12 Ave. – 12 St. to 53 St.
Gene & Geri Maitlen34 Ave. – 60 St. to 70 St., 75 St. to 80 St.
Waldron-Smith Family34 Ave. – 70 St. to 75 St.
KONE, Inc.19 St. – River Drive to 6 Ave
6 Ave. – 19 St to 17 St
17 St. – 6 Ave. to River Drive
River Drive – 17 St. to 19 St. 

Program Expectations

Adopt-A-Street sponsors provide a valuable service to the City of Moline and we honor them for their commitment and dedication to keeping Moline streets clean and appealing for our residents and those who visit us.

Sponsors are asked to clean their adopted street right-of-way at least four times a year - once in the spring, once in the fall, and two other times as needed.

Items needed for cleaning are provided by the City: trash bags for debris collection, safety vests, and gloves. These items may be picked up at the City of Moline Public Works Building located at 3635 4th Avenue.

It is suggested that a call to the Public Works Office, 524-2400, be made so staff can have things ready when you pick them up.

You are advised not to have unsupervised minors helping and to exercise extreme caution when working near traffic. Always wear your vest and gloves, and if you are concerned, you may request traffic signage to be placed out during your clean up.

Any items found on the right-of-way that are either too large for collection such as tires, or are beyond your abilities to collect or remove, such as a dead animal, should be reported to Public Works for removal. Full trash bags can be left on the street corners of the area cleaned, but should be reported to Public Works for collection.

If you have any suggestions or questions concerning this program, please contact me at 524-2401 or email me at

Thank you for volunteering.

Doug House

General Manager of Municipal Services